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Falling in Love with the Escort

I was surfing and lurking around a couple of forums when I encountered a thread on falling in love with the girl. It was an interesting thread, and the thread starter was obviously young, mid-20s perhaps, and may have not frequented a lot of KTVs.

I am sure a lot of guys fall for the girl---whether she be a GRO, an escort, or a MP attendant. I would like to caution you all on this. The girl will use her skills to entice the client so that she gets a bigger than usual tip and hopefully the client will continue to see her. So she will flirt like crazy and say those sweet words.

Just last week I went out with a beautiful (but pricey) escort. This was my third tryst with her, and every experience was a good one. I won't go into specifics because I respect her privacy and also if she finds out that I am writing about her she may go medieval on me! But the "tricks" she employed are classic methods to get the joe to become attached.

The number one trick: boost the ego. Any girl knows that boosting a guy's ego is sweet nectar to his ears. That feeling of power, of conquest, of success is such a seductive drug that any man, once tasted, will continue to seek. Why else did emperors conquer nations?

And once the guy becomes addicted to the words, the guys begins to yearn for them. And it is this yearning that many confuse as "love."



Any words that describe your extraordinary sexual prowess is, of course, a major ego boost.


Feigning jealousy is another trick. If a girl wants you only for herself, then you must be the best right? And being the best is, of course, another ego booster.


It is a great feeling to know that you satisfied the girl. But how sure are you that she came? I've talked to one escort and she did admit that she had faked it many times, and she has it down to an art. She would moan. She would clench her teeth and knot her brow. She would squeeze her muscle down there. Now how hard was that?


At first I thought that she was impatient to come again. But then I realized that I did mention to the handler that I wanted multiple pops. So maybe she just wanted me to speed it up so she would be out of there quickly?



Nice to be wanted right? It is a good feeling knowing that you are missed and that someone thinks or fantasizes about you. But does she really think of you?

Other tricks include frequent texts from the girl. And she may repeat those sweet workds until you believe them.

Now, someone asked me how to determine if the girl is sincere. Try this: see if she is willing to do the deed FREE OF CHARGE. I recommend a subtle (and probably manipulative) approach---make it appear that you won't fork out the cash. Dress up. Begin walking towards the door. Or escort her to her car. Or drop her somewhere. But don't give any cash. And notice her body language or wait for her reaction.

Ok, so the girl flirts and gives me a lot of BS. Do I get hurt that she fed me a series of lies? Honestly no. In the end, it is business and not personal. For that brief moment in time, within those 3 hours of carnal passion, she made me feel like an emperor. And that was what my money bought me. I got what I wanted. She got what she needed. Isn't that what business is all about?


Article by Buwayah

Posted on November 22, 2005, under Uncategorized

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